A Bit of Local Leather History

Ubrique LeatherThe leather that is used in making a FG bag comes from Ubrique, a working town half an hour away from Fernando´s workshop in Grazalema. Ubrique has a tradition of leather working going back hundreds of years. In Grazalema itself there was a tannery, which was functional up till only 40 yrs ago.

But what led to this area of Cadiz being such an important site for leather goods manufacturing? Firstly, raw materials – extensive cork woodland from which high-quality vegetable tannins were obtained. Secondly, farming – because of its favourable climate and fertile soil there is an ancient farming tradition producing, amongst other things, leather. Thirdly, limestone geography – lime is also used in the tanning process. Fourthly, knowledge – during the Arab occupation of Andalusia (Al-Andalus) there was an exchange of skills, amongst them, those relating to ‘Marroquinería’, leather goods working. You can clearly see the  link to Morocco in the word! and lastly, Infrastrucutre. The roman road crossing the Ubrique ‘Sierra’  helped the development of local manufacturing enterprises, one of them the leather industry.

In buying a FG bag you are helping to keep this ancient industry alive.