Custom made items from fghandmade bags

A made to order bag, now on its way to the USAThis bag is a clear example of how we work at fghandmade bags. A client saw ‘Bag of the Day’ 21.11.11 (well, actually ‘old bag of the day!’) and wished for one just like it. Naturally Fernando explained that it wouldn´t be the same, but he would try to make one similar, but that she would like just the same. By that time he´d used up that particular hide so he took a trip down to Ubrique (where he buys all his leather) and found something that he thought would work. He then hunted for a buckle and came across one to fit with the tones in the new leather …(in his workshop there are all manner of things hidden away, you wouldn´t believe it!). Then he only had to make the bag and send a photo to the client. She loved it and that was that. It was sent off yesterday by post to the US. Another happy fg bag owner!