Other places to buy your FG bag

FG also designs and makes selective exquisite bags for a boutique in Sevilla...'Sangre Espanola'. FG también diseña y fabrica preciosos bolsos para las tiendas de 'Sangre Española' en Sevilla. (y si vives en Inglaterra, Powder Mills Pottery, Devon!
‘Bag of the Day’ for Sevilla

You can obviously buy a Fernando Garcia bag from this website or from our shop in Grazalema, ‘La Tienda Chica’.  If you happen to be in Sevilla however you can buy Fernando´s bags at ‘Sangre Española’,  a small designer- boutique business whose two beautiful little shops are to be found in the heart (Barrio Santa Cruz)  of this wonderful Andalusian city. They have  recently bought two new premesis in order to give people more opportunities to buy their designer gifts, due to open in April 2012. ( ‘Sangre Española’, C/santa teresa 4….C/puerta de la carne 7, Sevilla  or Facebook ‘http://facebook.com/Sangrespanola‘ )

And if you live in England you can even see FG Bags there! Visit ‘Powdermills Pottery’, Devon…. a pottery (of course!) selling other wonderful crafts set in beautiful Dartmoor. (http://www.powdermillspottery.com)