Fairs, Fiestas and FG bags!

Zahara, 'pueblo blanco' and host to regular artisan and farmer´s markets. Another place to buy FG Bags
The almost ‘chocolate box’ setting of Zahara de la Sierra.

Yesterday FG bags and Fernando were in a very pretty village near to here, Zahara de la Sierra. Al Lago, a restaurant and rural hotel, had got together with neighbouring businesses to organise a ‘Street Fair’. Along with Flamenco dancing and guitar were the market stalls, combining work by artisans from the area and locals selling their produce. As well as Fernando´s bags you could buy stoneware, glass, regional wines and olive oils, marmalades, cheeses and homemade breads and pies.  
For me it makes perfect sense that during our present economical crisis we try to support the local economy. Yes, of course a  bag ‘Made in China’ is going to be cheaper than an FG bag. Of course, factory-farmed eggs are cheaper than ones from the local farmer. But it´s obvious that the quality has no comparison. Luckily there are  plenty of people who agree!