‘Little Bags of the Day/Bolsitos del Día’

Little colourful lamb´s leather shoulder bags. Only 19€!
‘Bolsitos del Día’

Como ya sabéis Fernando siempre cose a mano. Pero para sacar estos bolsitos de color, con la piel tan fina de cordero, decidió coserlos con una máquina. Ahorrando mano de obra han salido muy bien de precio, 19€!

As has been stressed throughout the site, Fernando´s bags are handmade and       hand- stitched, but on rare occasions an exception is made. This collection of colourful little bags for spring are made of soft lamb´s leather, therefore Fernando decided to sew them by machine, for a neater finished product. And also of interest for the customer, they sell for a competitive 19€!