Why ‘FG handmade bags, custom-made leather designs…’?

'Made to order' binoculars case made from durable, black leather.
Binocular case ‘custom-made’ by FG handmade bags

As seen in past blogs, Fernando is always willing to create whatever the customer may ask him for, adding into the equation his own personal ‘take’ on the design.

Among the long list of items he’s been asked to make there are motorcycle panniers, saddlebags, rifle cases, hunting knife sheaths, bags for infants, ‘mosqueros‘ (fringed browbands for riding Spanish style) …. as well as the ever-popular mobile phone and iPad  cases.

This binocular case was made for some Dutch clients; a present for their bird watching father. Knowing from experience how quickly the typical plastic ‘hinged’ cases fall apart I wasn’t surprised to hear how happy he was, especially as it was custom-made to fit his requirements (extra pocket for field notebook and pencil) and will last him a lifetime!

Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific leather item you want made, however bizarre it may seem!