Custom-made bags by Fernando García

Another ‘case study’ of how a custom-made order works at FG Handmade Bags…

This is an extraction of the email received:-                                  
‘What I’d like is a little one… just big enough for passport, small wallet and a credit card and lipstick, that tucks under my armpit – great for ‘touristing’. One fractionally bigger than this one, so I can get my phone and slimline camera in as well. This one is 16cm wide x 11cm high x 4cm deep. top of strap to top of bag is 25cm – I wouldn’t want the bag to hang any lower, so if Fernando makes the bag a bit “higher”, the strap would need to be a bit shorter (if you get what I mean!) . I quite like the small bright blue and red shoulder bags but would prefer something rounded off a bit; colour-wise a cobalt blue (rather than bright turquoise blue which the one on the website seems to be) and a rather more pink red than tomato red; or a deep amethyst colour; or even a maroon, or red-brown or a ‘bright’ navy. I’d like the bag 2cm bigger all over if poss.  Would Fernando be able to design and make in 4 weeks???’

So Fernando sat at his drawing board and then found  a lovely soft nubuck hide that he had in his workshop. Jo checked on ‘Saint Google Images’ to see if the colour was close to ‘deep amethyst’ and seeing that it was almost perfect, Fernando  made the bag.  Another happy customer!