Jack of all trades (but not ‘master of none’)!

These photos are of an ‘Albarda’ which is the Spanish word for the saddle-like structure used on ‘beasts of burden’ to support their loads. The ‘albarda’ can also be used as a saddle and in this case belongs to a mule (as opposed to a donkey or horse). It needed repairing and where else to bring it to but Fernando’s workshop (spot the recycled car tyre used in a previous, non-FG, repair!) It´s not very often nowadays, with increasing mechanisation, that Fernando is asked to do this sort of job. 
‘Albarda’ is used in many colloquialisms. I like ‘Ahora llueven albardas’ which literally means ‘It´s raining saddlepacks’ (or as we would say ‘And pigs can fly’!)