FG Bags around the World / Bolsos FG por el Mundo – April

handmade leather purses sold in USA
Thanks to friends Xander and Pete again for the photo!

Yes, it´s the USA once again. During the month of April more bags were sold to people from the States than from any other county. Mind you, Spain wasn´t far behind. Quite an impressive list of countries for this month, and I think South Korea is a first!

Sí, otra vez ha ganado Los Estados Unidos, pero con muy poca diferencia entre ello y España. Hay varios países este mes y ¡creo que Corea del Sur está por primera vez!

USA – 5

Spain – 4

Australia – 2

Germanay – 2

Norway – 2

Austria – 2

UK – 2

South Korea – 1

Netherlands – 1