Happy Anniversary!

Leather custom-made bag by Fernando Garcia
Leather v Plastic!

The 28th July was our wedding anniversary. Fernando made me a little bag I´d been wanting for a while; one to replace the red and white spotted plastic one I (used to) carry around with me ALL the time. I loved it because it was so practical. It stood up by itself and stayed open so that you could just load it up with things as you went. (I have a terrible memory so if I don´t put things into my bag when I think about it, then that´s it, left at home on the table…) BUT it was rather embarrassing having a leather bag business and going around with a plastic one. Solution- a leather version (without the spots I´m afraid) of my trusty cheapo plastic mini hold-all. Thank you Fernando and Happy Anniversary!

custom-made for Jo by FG handmade leather bags
The new, improved version!