A very good buy!

top-quality Spanish leather used in FG handmade bags
Vaquetilla de curtición vegetal tintada en ‘mostaza’, para ‘Sangre Española’, Sevilla.

These lovely, unique mustard- yellow bags are now for sale at ‘Sangre Española’, Sevilla. Fernando was very happy to find these hides the last time he went to buy stock. They are vegetable-tanned hides which instead of being dyed the normal browns, blacks and tans are of bright, fun colours (in this case, mustard, but in the workshop he has blues, reds, greens, purples…) Usually it´s only chrome-tanned hides which are dyed in these brighter colours. This means that these bright coloured bags will develop and become more beautiful with age as do the classic naturally-tanned leather bags.