Sometimes Fernando has to make more than one!

The story goes like this: Once upon a time Fernando made a bag and sold it to a tour-guide operator living in Sevilla. She loved the bag but after some years decided that (as she´s a very smart tour-guide!) the bag was getting a little scruffy. She returned to the shop and asked Fernando to make her another identical one. Fernando agreed but on the condition that she give him the old bag to put in the shop as a ‘show-piece’ so that customers could see the way good leather improves with age (like a good wine). Funnily enough this bag receives an awful lot of attention… with customers constantly wanting to buy it. Once they know it´s not for sale the next question is ‘Well, could Fernando make another one for me?’. Normally the answer is no, but a particularly persuasive (and nice!) mother and daughter are now the proud owners of their own (slightly different) version of said ‘Karin´s’ bag, stamped with their own initials. Sometimes an artist has to make a happy compromise!