Ursula’s Bag

A personal and very practical present

“Christmas has passed and with it the year 2013; but I’m sure I’ll be using my Christmas gift for many years to come. My new FG bag came about when Fernando realized that I always used the same simple cloth bag (just the right size for my folder, purse and phone). So when the time for presents came he pleasantly surprised me with a lovely leather version. It had all the softness and flexibility of a cloth bag, although stronger and with a handy inside pocket, great for having my keys and smaller items at hand.
I immediately took to it, although because of the shape of my shoulders the straps tended to slip down. I mentioned this to Fernando and he immediately came up with the solution, adding a long adjustable strap to cross over instead of just hanging on one shoulder. Then he shortened the original straps so I could also use it as a practical hand-bag.
The result was fantastic. I tend to carry the bag in my hand or just toss the long strap over my shoulder when I’m carrying other things. I just don’t want to put it down! Thank you Fernando!”

Ursula Neilson