Xander’s Bag

“I hesitated to ask Fernando to make me a backpack [that’s a rucksack for you English readers] because I suspected that it would be a pain in the ass to construct.  And I had some very specific requirements for the backpack: it had to be large enough to carry about a half of bag of groceries, a few bottles of wine and a baguette.  I use my backpack to transport my laptop, notebooks and books.  The backpack had to durable, tough and flexible.
Fernando listened to my request, measured my old backpack and within minutes he had created a sketch on a napkin (which I wish I had kept).  And then I waited.  And waited.  Fernando was busy creating bags for the holidays and he assured me that he would turn his attention to my backpack after the new year.  
The backpack appeared in early January and it is perfect.  It was the very model that Fernando had sketched on the napkin.  It has a large organic looking pocket along the outside which is perfect for newspapers, books or a baguette.  It has a heavy duty zipper and strong straps on the back.  It is durable, tough and flexible.  The pack itself is exactly the same size as the one that I have been using for years—except that this one is made out of gorgeous leather and my old one was a beat up cheap ugly plastic model bought from a French supermarket.
I am the proud owner of a few bags that Fernando has created over the years but my FG backpack is my pride and joy.  It is something that I will use almost every day for years to come.  I’ve been giving it a workout lately and it is performing beautifully.                    
Thank you Fernando.”

Xander Ring