Like freedom? Like this FG bag?

Oiled leather is the perfect material for those who love freedom!

We´ve sold a good number of bags made with this lovely leather which Fernando was pleased to find down in Ubrique the other week. The leather is known here as ‘ cuero engrasado’; in English  ‘oiled leather’.  It is ‘finished’ (a tanner´s term and as part of the tanning process) with an application of oil which gives it enhanced water resistance and the lovely texture apparently so appreciated by our customers! All tanned leather can be oiled but vegetable-tanned leathers are the best to receive the treatment: being more porous they obviously absorb the oils more easily. The finished bag will have non-greasy, supple feel to it. It will not be shiny but not completely matt either. It will be a strong but flexible bag which will be more ‘forgiving’ in its treatment than some of the other leathers (especially in terms of water resistance). And if you regularly moisturise your FG bag using a skin cream such as Nivea it will remain beautiful for many years.