A Fashion student, FG Handmade Bags and Vogue Magazine

The story started off with an email last August:

FG collaborates in London school of design Vogue magazines
Natalia’s look for Vogue UK

‘I am a student at London College of Fashion for my final year I want to create a collection influenced by Andalucía and in particular the village of Grazalema, where my aunt has just bought a house. On a visit I came across the wonderful ‘Tienda Chica’ and subsequently asked Fernando if I could spend a day learning the basics of how to make a leather bag by hand. He kindly agreed and I had a wonderful time making a beautiful handbag for my mother, whilst learning some fantastic new skills. I  was hoping that Fernando might be able to make me a few bags to go with my final year collection. I would need to design the bags but would really love it if Fernando would make them and be involved. Do you think he would be interested in being involved? I have attached a photo of the amazing leather case I bought in August which I’m using as a folder for university work.’

Of course Fernando agreed and thus started the project. Natalia sent her design ideas to Fernando who then, after a few modifications, started on prototypes. Photos were sent back and forth and finally the bags finished and sent. Natalia had her final show in May and ended up with a fantastic 2:1 final mark! A very happy outcome for her and a very interesting collaboration for Fernando.

Congratulations Natalia!