Tools of the Trade

Fernando working outside 'La Tienda Chica'
Men at work!

Visitors from Barcelona were in the shop the other day and after spending a while looking at all of the bags one of them said to Fernando,
“I love your work but what I’d really like to buy is your leather apron!”
She was an interior designer and I imagine she wanted to use the apron for working in; Fernando´s 15 yr old, scruffy, worn and stained apron! Fernando couldn’t very well sell it to her, apart from anything else, how much would he ask for it?! In the end the problem was solved by her buying a bag and Fernando thus feeling able to include the apron as a ‘throw-in’. She was delighted of course, but Fernando admitted to feeling rather bereft when he thought about the 15 years of use his apron had given him and all the blood, sweat (and a few tears) it had soaked up!
NB: the next day he made himself a new one.